- sponsored by RomBelNov 15 1989 Romania - Denmark 3-1, Nov 12 2009 amateur Romania-Denmark 2-1

I still remember watching this particular game on my small black and white TV. This TV, where I had watched football games and big speeches, was labelled "Sport", the smallest version of the state company produced television set, also sold under brands such as "Diamant" or "Elcrom" (the upscale colour TV, reserved for party cadres)...
   On that November 15th 1989, I remember jumping in my bed as rebel player Gabriel Balint scored against Denmark - twice I think - and Romania qualified for the world championship that followed next summer. It was a moment of great joy and real happiness for all Romanians, even though if you see the pictures now you notice weary people in heavy coats, looking rather rugged and unkempt. Only one month later, these same people would revolt against communism, the dictator, the lack of everything, lack of freedom, worst of all.
  I find myself twenty years later in Brussels, playing amateur football against people that belong to the same Community as mine. This is a sort of big, diverse and often conflicting, but at the end of the day united - family. In this city, yesterday our team defeated our Danish friends in a disputed game that was nice, but had nothing of the sorts of passion and the thrills of the memorable game of twenty years ago. It could not of course be the same, but it meant a lot to me, as it made me reminisce on the past, with its good and bad. - sponsored by

   It is definitely an exaggeration to compare the two games and draw any brilliant thoughts on politics from this. But I feel writing about it is my tribute to the fabulous year of 1989. Remembering the game, remembering the players, remembering the youth of 1989 and saying a loud "Hai Romania!" is right and feels damn good too!   

On behalf of, Nicu Stefanuta