With the participation of members of the Romanian Government and MEPs, medical staff from Romania and abroad, representatives of active NGOs in the health system.
The agenda of the event provides three sections, with moments of Questions & Answers after each, as follows:
* Pandemic and reverse migration.
Brain Drain VS Brain Gain. Case study: Romania and the migration of the health workforce in Europe. Patient mobility during the pandemic
Testimony of the medical staff returned to Romania
Education, training, and vocational training in the medical field
* The premises for reverse migration
Repatriation through entrepreneurship ( whitecollar vs bluecollar / seasonal workers)

Europeans Throughout the World – ETTW (www.euromonde.eu) was established in 1984 as a non-profit international federation that promotes cooperation between European expatriate associations from or outside the EU, bringing together associations of citizens and citizens of EU, EFTA and EEA member countries. It acts with all relevant authorities as a spokesperson and defender of European expatriates to protect their rights. ETTW studies and publishes publications on issues common to European expatriate associations; establishes and implements a program for joint actions, promotes the study and knowledge of the rights and obligations of European expatriates.
RomBel – Romanians in Belgium (www.rombel.com) has been active in Belgium for 19 years, mainly through actions on the integration of Romanian citizens in Belgian society, through the relationship with the authorities of the Kingdom of Belgium and with the representatives of the Romanian state in the Kingdom of Belgium. RomBel edited two editions of the “The Guide of the Romanian settled in Belgium” and in 2016 “The Guide of the Romanian who returns to Romania”.
RomBel was a partner in the Diaspora Start-Up program through the “DIASPORA START-UP” program, implemented between 2017-2020 with three associations from Romania, including the project leader Asociatia Inceptus Romania, based in Cluj-Napoca. In 2020 RomBel was the winner of ECAS - European Civil Action Service -award in the category “Practices aimed at improving the social and cultural inclusion of EU mobile citizens”, being the only Romanian association in Europe selected and finalist. During 2020-2024 RomBel is a member of the ETTW board.
Participation is free. Registration is mandatory at : 📧

Mr. Pierre-Yves LE BORGN`, President of the Europeans Throughout The World (www.euromonde.eu), will chair the meeting
Ms. Elina PINTO, President of the European Latvian Association
Mr. Dorin FLESERIU, Vice-President of RomBel – Romanians In Belgium (www.rombel.com)
Mrs. Alina COMANESCU, Founder of “Community for Health” NGO, Romania
Ms. Oana URSACHE, Secretary of State in charge of The Department for Romanians abroad, Romania
Ms. Natalia-Elena INTOTERO, Chair – of the Committee on Education, Science, Youth and Sport of the Chamber of Deputies, Romania
Mrs. Adelina TONCEAN, Founder of “Blondie”NGO, Romania
Mr. Horatiu IOANI, Neurosurgeon, Head of the Colentina Hospital Neurosurgery Department, Romania
Solidarity Network / Reteaua de Solidaritate (www.reteauadesolidaritate.com), with:
Ms. Roxana FEDIUC, Lawyer - Romania
Ms. Roxana SONEA, family doctor – Romania
Mr. George GRADINARU, Specialist in cardiac surgery in Scotland
Ms. Mihaela PÂRVU, MD, board certified in Internal Medicine and Infectious Disease, NY - USA / Romania
Mr. Valentin PÂRVU, Statistician Becton Dickinson & Co, collaborator graphs.ro USA / Romania
Closing remarks: Ms. Carmen SOLOMIE, President RomBel and Daria PIRVU (RomBel)